Eric Joyce

Website of Eric Joyce, an independent Member of Parliament for Falkirk who has helped expose fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo Leaks

A website dedicated to exposing fraud and corruption in the DRC.

Carter Center's 'Congo Mines' (French/Françias)

Ce site est un centre de documentation sur le secteur minier industriel en République Démocratique du Congo.

UN: Democratic Republic of Congo Website

Offers a wide variety of information about the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s activities at the United Nations.

Global Witness ‘Rigged’ Report

Rigged: The scramble for Africa’s oil, gas and minerals details the secrecy surrounding the allocation of oil contracts. Citizens don’t know who buys them, by what means nor how much money is involved. The report shows how this secrecy risks facilitating corruption and politicians looting oil revenues that should otherwise be used to benefit the world’s poorest people.